Woman Marries Brothe-in-Law and Buries Him Alive

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Woman Marries Brothe-in-Law and Buries Him Alive
Sat 22-11-2014

A Chinese woman, named Qiao Li Tsui, had an affair with her brother-in-law, and after a brief affair, she convinced him to leave her heartbroken sister and marry her instead, but within a year had moved on to another lover.

Qiao Li Tsui, 25, first met Jian Tsao, 30, two years ago when he was engaged to her sister.

After a brief affair, Qiao convinced him to leave heartbroken sister Wan Niu, 27, and marry her instead.

But a year after the wedding in Hangzhou, a city in eastern China, she met new lover Cai Chen, 27, online and began having an affair with him.

The demented couple then hatched their plot to get rid of Qiao’s husband so they could marry.

Luring him into the mountains on the pretence of having a picnic, she then attacked unsuspecting Jian, knifing him repeatedly in the chest until he fell unconscious.

She and her lover, who was waiting nearby, then dug a shallow grave and threw the unconscious body into it before burying him alive.

The pair were caught three days later, when a guilt-ridden Cai handed himself into police.

After Cai showed them where they had buried Jian, his body was dug up and sent for an autopsy.

An examination revealed there was dirt and soil in his lungs, indicating he was still breathing when he was buried.

Source: Mirror