Woman Seeks Prince Faisal's Help to Get Married

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Woman Seeks Prince Faisal's Help to Get Married
Sat 27-06-2015

A Saudi girl whose brother rebuffed all suitors finally resorted to a member of the Royal family in the Gulf Kingdom to help her get married. Her move did pay off.

The girl went to the office of Prince Faisal bin Mashaal bin Saud bin Abdul Aziz, the Emir of the central Al Qasseem province, and asked for help after her brother rejected all suitors by making “impossible” conditions.

"The Prince summoned her brother and succeeded in persuading him to allow his sister to marry," the Saudi Arabic language daily Ajel said.

"The brother accepted the Prince’s mediation and agreed on a suitor for his sister…she was married at the Prince’s office on Monday."

Source: Emirates 24/7