A Surprise Proposal in an Aquarium

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A Surprise Proposal in an Aquarium
Tue 31-01-2012

29 year old Courtney Gambardella,  and  30 year old boyfriend Brian Bradley, went to the New England Aquarium in Boston on the weekend.

Courtney thought Brian was acting a bit weird, looking at his phone and acting nervous all the time.

Brian took Courtney  to the Aquarium’s Giant Ocean Tank and she watched a diver who she thought was just feeding the fish, until he swam up to the window with a sign: "Courtney will you marry me?"

As soon as she turned around she found Brian down on one knee with a ring in his hands!
Brian Bradley said that courtney she marine animals and sharks and he thought the aquarium would be a perfect place for the proposal.
Now who wouldn't say yes to that?