Woman Unknowingly Live-Tweets Her Husband’s Death

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Woman Unknowingly Live-Tweets Her Husband’s Death
Sat 07-12-2013

A woman who monitors traffic information live-tweeted a fatal accident that was unknown to her at the time that it involved her own husband!

Caran Johnson, began tweeting about a two-vehicle collision on Interstate 205 near the Oregon-Washington state line around 2 p.m.

As the day wore on, she started to worry why her husband was late coming home and noted he drives the same interstate where the accident occurred.

Two hours after she began live-tweeting the accident, she learned the heartbreaking news: “It’s him. He died,” she tweeted.

Craig R. Johnson, 47, was killed when his car crossed the median and collided with a pickup truck, police confirmed. The truck driver is seriously injured, but survived the accident.

Here are some of Caran's tweets:

"#Clark911 One lane of I-205 is closed. WSP will likely have to block the whole interstate to allow the helicopter to land."

"@troyglidden @Col_cops this accident sounds horrible."

"I'm trying not to panic, but my husband left work early and he drives 205 to get home. he's not answering his phone."

"@KF7PSC well he uses his bluetooth, so he would answer his phone. he also wasn't feeling good so his work was concerned when he left."

"I just called his work and he was feeling faint when he left work. #panic."

"@JKCline86 @troyglidden thank you. I'm freaking out now."

"What do i do now? he might have pulled over because he was feeling faint and then passed out or had a seizure. he has epilepsy."

"How long do i wait for him to come home before I call the police?"

"I just called 911 and they transferred me after I gave them his license number and told me that they will call me back."

"It's him. he died."