Woman Wants Divorce From Husband in Debt

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Woman Wants Divorce From Husband in Debt
Tue 14-04-2015

A Saudi woman has sought divorce from her husband after finding out that he had incurred heavy debts to meet the marriage expenses.

She complained that her husband was no longer able to take care of her due to his ‘tense’ demeanor while constantly being chased by various banks to whom the husband owed money.

“It’s true that every girl dreams of a lavish wedding, but they never impose or force their desires on men,” she said, adding: “My husband took a personal loan from the bank of more than SR 150,000 in order to arrange a big wedding, and also bought a new house and a car. A short while after we got married, he took another loan in order to start a new business. All of these loans eventually amounted to a massive debt, which he was unable to pay.”

Moreover, the woman said that he started to blame her for his financial problems, and considered her ill-fated. The woman couldn’t bear this state and the associated accusations, and subsequently divorced him.

Source: Yahoo!