Woman Who Married Bridge Celebrates One Year Anniversary!

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Woman Who Married Bridge Celebrates One Year Anniversary!
Mon 14-07-2014

An Australian woman who married the Le Pont du Diable Bridge in Céret, southern France last year, has celebrated her one year anniversary!

Jodi Rose, or Mrs Le Pont du Diable, spent a decade traveling the world recording the vibrations in bridge cables with contact microphones and using them to create experimental music before she found 'the one'.

In an exclusive reflection letter given to the Daily Mail Australia, Ms Rose revealed how difficult the separation from her 14th century stone structure husband has been since she returned to her home in Sydney.

'I have struggled this year – coming back to Australia without him was tough, in particular the sense of displacement, from building a life on the other side of the world that I hoped we could live together,' Ms Rose wrote.

Despite their union not being legally recognised in Australia or France, Ms Rose hopes to be able to head back to visit her husband before their second anniversary.

Source: Daily Mail