World's First Beauty Drink "Ocoo"

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World's First Beauty Drink "Ocoo"
Sat 15-06-2013

A drink that makes you beautiful? Is that even possible?

Well apparently it is! Ocoo is a new German invention and has become the world's first natural beauty drink.

The product went through years of extensive research by a team of dermatologists, scientists and nutritionists.

Ocóo is the first fruity, delicious beauty drink for glowing, healthy skin and hair. The effects have been proven by more than 80 international studies.

What is the drink made of?

Arab News reported that the drink is made with natural, anti-oxidative ingredients, including the six red power berries (pomegranate, açaí, aronia, cranberry, black current and red grape), green and white tea extracts and valuable vital substances (such as biotin, zinc, selenium and copper).

This first of its kind drink is also sans preservatives, food coloring and added sugars, and is only 50 calories.

To benefit fully from it’s active ingredients, it is recommended you have one serving per day and the results will be visible within 6-8 weeks, which is the natural period for skin and cell renewal.

“Antioxidants in cranberries, red grapes and pomegranate help the human body fight oxidative stress caused by free radicals that can lead to illness,” said Walaa Bayazeed, a Saudi nutritionist.

“Skin care products only function temporarily on the surface of the skin, but healthy drinks and shakes can work from within by circulating through the blood, nourishing each cell with the vitamins and nutrients needed to enhance a natural glow from the inside out,” she said. “The mixture of ingredients is significant, as all of them work together to help prevent and treat acne, prevent aging and repair skin cuts and scrapes,” she added.

Ocoo has been approved by the European Union Food Safety Authority and received three awards from the Beverage Innovation Functional Drink awards in the categories of “Best functional drink brand/business,” “Best packaging” and “Best consumer campaign/marketing.”

The ingredients within Ocoo have been proven to have the following benefits to consumers:

Anti-Aging: the zinc and selenium contribute to the protection of cells from oxidative damage.

Enhanced skin care: vitamin B3 (Niacin), Iodine and biotin contribute to the maintenance of clear skin.

Collagen: vitamin C contributes to the generation of collagen.

Hair: copper contributes to normal hair pigmentation and biotin maintains hair.