Yahoo and GetWed Pick The Worst Wedding Favors to Give Your Guest!

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Yahoo and GetWed Pick The Worst Wedding Favors to Give Your Guest!
Thu 29-11-2012

Yahoo with the help of Getwed has recently reported the worst giveaways to give your wedding guests! What are they?

  • Sugared almonds: The cheap-tasting sugar coated almonds have been forced upon wedding guests for decades, so don’t you think it’s time for something a little more original and up to date?
  • Personalised memorabilia: Despite being on the more expensive side of things, personalized stationery, mugs, t-shirts and socks don’t do justice to the amount you paid for them. The idea of giving your guests a gift that they can use again and again after the wedding isn't a bad one, it’s just; will your aunties, uncles and cousins really use a mug with a picture of you and your partner on? Or will it be lovingly stored away to gather dust?
  • Sachets of potpourri: Similar to the sugared almonds mentioned previously, voile sachets of sickly-smelling potpourri won’t win over your wedding guests and may be just as easily discarded as the paper napkins.
  • Cheesy wedding gifts: Weddings open up lots of opportunities to be cheesy and overly romantic – after all, weddings are a day devoted to love and happiness. However, try not to give into soppiness by incorporating anything too corny in your wedding favors. We’re talking a jar of sand from the beach where you got engaged, a snow globe with a photograph of the both of you inside or a book of love poems you have chosen together.
  • Useless favors: Who really needs a pack of playing cards, a photo-print coaster or a keepsake coin imprinted with the date of your wedding? While it’s nice to leave a little something at each guest’s place setting, if you’re going to choose pointless gifts that won’t be used again (novelty glasses, fake mustaches or Christmas cracker-style toys all deserve a mention here) you may as well use the money somewhere more beneficial.