Yemen: 30 Killed After Airstrikes Hit Wedding

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Yemen: 30 Killed After Airstrikes Hit Wedding
Thu 08-10-2015

Airstrikes hit a wedding celebration in Yemen, killing at least 30 people and leaving dozens more unaccounted for, local officials said.

The bombing Wednesday struck the wedding as it took place in Sanabani, a southwestern Yemeni town in an area controlled by Houthi rebels, according to three local security officials.

Local hospitals have been overwhelmed with victims, the officials said.

Coalition forces said they have no ongoing operations in the southwestern province in Yemen where the incident occurred.

"Not every explosion that takes place in Yemen is as airstrike - it could be a missile, car bomb, or weapons cache," coalition spokesman Ahmed Asseri said.

Civilians have suffered heavily amid the violence and disruption caused by the war in the impoverished nation, and weddings have been struck previously.

Airstrikes hit a marriage ceremony last week in the southwestern province of Taiz, killing at least 131 people and wounding scores of others, the Houthi-controlled news agency Saba reported.

The news agency and Yemeni security officials accused the Saudi-led coalition of carrying out the bombing. The coalition denied the allegation, saying it didn't have any operations in that area.

Months of fighting in Yemen have left at least 4,000 civilians dead, according to the Houthi-controlled Health Ministry.

Source: CNN