Yemeni Man Divorces Wife for Snoring

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Yemeni Man Divorces Wife for Snoring
Wed 09-04-2014

A Yemeni man divorced his wife because of her snoring, saying she refused to have a diet after gaining much weight.

The 40-year-old husband, identified as Yassin, told court he had asked his wife to follow a diet after she gained nearly 30 kg, to weigh more than 80 kg, blaming her heavy weight for the non-stop snoring.

"She does not stop snoring even for few minutes all the night…when I told her about it, she said I can leave her if I like although we have three children," he said.

"I begged her to have a diet and do exercise to lose weight but she refused…so I had no choice but to divorce her."

Source: Emirates 24/7