Yosra and Her Husband Star In Add Together

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Yosra and Her Husband Star In Add Together
Fri 26-06-2015

Egyptian starlet Yosra's husband agreed to appear in a TV commercial with her.

The actress said that her husband director Khaled Saleem avoids public appearances with and without her. He, according to her, lives in his own little world!

So how did she get him to star in Vodafone's Ramadan 2015 advert? With the help of his brother, who also stars in the ad.

"My husband doesn't like being in front of the cameras, with or without me, even though his dad, may he rest in peace, and his brother are actors," Yosra said, reported Al Jaras Magazine.

She then added, "Convincing him to star in the ad was very difficult, but I was eventually able to do it with the help of his brother, actor Hisham Saleem."

You can spot Yosra chatting on the phone - using Vodafone, of course - to Hisham while he clings on to his brother's arm in the video below.

Source: Al Bawaba