Yosra Tries to Reconcile Ahmed Ezz and Zeina

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Yosra Tries to Reconcile Ahmed Ezz and Zeina
Sat 07-06-2014

Egyptian actress Yosra paid a visit to the set of Ahmad Ezz's upcoming TV show "Excellence," where they sat down in private for a conversation on the actor's ongoing drama/conflict with his alleged secret wife Zeina.

The two have been close friends for years, so if anyone can reconcile the differences between him and Zeina, it's Yosra.

According to Sayidaty.net, the sources added that Yosra pleaded with Ahmed to do what his conscious tells him to, without directly accusing him of having had a pre-marital relationship with Zeina - that resulted in the birth of twins.

Ezz didn't volunteer any information, neither did he admit to having a secret relationship with Zeina either. 

During Yosra’s visit, the drama's producer Wael Abdullah joined them to talk about the same pressing issue.

Many of Ahmed and Zeina's celeb friends have tried to end the dispute between them but to no avail.

Source: Al Bawaba