Zeina's Lawyer Speaks Up Again on Her Case with Ahmad Ezz

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Zeina's Lawyer Speaks Up Again on Her Case with Ahmad Ezz
Thu 27-11-2014

Egyptian actor Ahmad Ezz was ordered to undergo a DNA test by the Judge overseeing their lawsuit. However, the Egyptian actor has refused to do this so since the twins were born in 2013.

Saeed, Zeina's Lawyer also released a press release stating that Ahmad Ezz accusing Zeina's sister of lying in her witness statement is not true. Zeina's sister testified against Ezz in court, where she confirmed that Zeina and him were married and her sister's babies are his.

According to Laha Magazine, the press release stated, "Regarding the news reports posted by a number of online media portals regarding the validity of Zeina's sister's testimony, it is time to address them, despite our previous decision not to discuss the case in public. With regards to what has been said, we can state with great confidence that the testimony made by Zeina's sister in court was true, and the court did not doubt anything that was said by her. We ask people to not believe the lies that are being spread about it."

The release added, "We truly believe that Egyptian people and Zeina's fans are well-educated and do not believe everything they read in the media. We have presented all the official documents to the court to prove our case and Zeina has done DNA testing three times. We ask Ahmed to undergo a DNA test if he is confident that he isn't the father of Zeina's children. The test will prove whether he is telling the truth and put an end to what we are supposedly claiming... if he dares."