Terms & Conditions

Get 2 Months - Give 2 Months

Referral Program

Terms and Conditions: 

  1. To receive your 2 extra months of free subscription in our online Directory, you and the company you refer to us need to subscribe first to the annual Premium Subscription plan and complete payment.
  2. The subscriber you referred to us will also be able to refer the service to other companies and accumulate 2 additional free months for every new subscriber.
  3. There are no limits as to how many companies you can refer the program to; the more subscribers sign up through your referral, the more benefits you gain.
  4. The referral needs to take place through the website for tracking purposes. However, if you’d like to refer someone by e-mail or over the phone, please do so.
  5. The validity of the tracking code we install to follow up on your referrals and grant you the free subscription months is 90 days.