Honeymoon Lead Generation Service

Stop wasting your marketing efforts and budgets to sell more honeymoon packages on ineffective campaigns! 

This is it!

Arabia Weddings, the leading online wedding planning platform in the region, can send you hot sales leads for couples wishing to go on their honeymoon trip with their detailed requirements against a nominal fee. This is a valuable service that every serious travel agent would want to subscribe to.

We expect to generate 60 to 80 leads a month!

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Here are some of the frequently asked questions (FAQs) to explain what the service is about. 

1. What is a honeymoon lead?

• A honeymoon lead consists of: The name of the person wishing to book a honeymoon trip outside Jordan, a telephone number, an e-mail and information on the couple's preferred destination, expected travel date, trip’s duration and budget, in addition to, other valuable data.• Couples identify their requirements online which are filtered by Arabia Weddings and sent to subscribers as "honeymoon leads". 

2. Show me a sample of a honeymoon lead.

Here you go, click here to see a sample of how your honeymoon leads page will look like. 

3. What if I don’t want to receive all leads?

• When you join the service, you identify which destinations and what budget range you are interested in receiving offers for.• You can, of course, opt to receive all leads.

4. Is there a minimum number of leads that I have to subscribe to?

Yes, the minimum number of leads per month that you can subscribe to is 30. Details of the subscription plans are covered in question x.

5. Can I limit the number of leads that I receive per month?

Yes, of course. When you join the service you identify if you wish to receive up to 30 leads a month (Plan 1), or up to 50 leads a month (plan 3) or above 50 leads a month (plan C). You will also receive some FREE leads depending on the plan that you select. 6. How can I make sure that the information you provide me is accurate?

We will initially verify the information that the applicant has filled in the application form before posting it on your web page, particularly the telephone number and e-mail.

7. How many other companies will receive the same lead that I receive?

We will share the same lead with a maximum of 3 other subscribers only to make sure that your sales conversion rates are high. We also want to make sure that the couples whom we serve through our website receive efficient proposals and competitive offers.

8. What do I do with the leads you send me?

Well, this is your game now!We recommend that you call the couples immediately and send them a proposal that matches the requirements specified in the lead table. Follow up with them to maximize your sales conversion rate.Remember, not every lead that we send you will convert into a confirmed booking and a sale. To increase your chances of converting your leads into sales we recommend that you do the following:

• Check your account regularly for new posted leads.• Follow up immediately by sending a quotation that matches the couple's requirements specified in the lead table.• Update the Comment column in your account to keep track of your actions.• Follow up on your proposal with the clients. However, make sure that you do not harass the couples with repeated phone calls.

9. Will I pay you any commission on confirmed sales generated by these leads?

No, we do not expect to receive any sales commissions on this service. However, please note that our sales commissions program on Special Deals is still in force. 

10. So, how much do I pay for this service?

• We charge a fixed flat subscription fee for each company that joins the service. This fee will be waived for the first 6 months of the service, i.e. you will NOT pay any subscription fees during the first 6 months. 

• You will only pay a fee per lead that we send you as follows:

Plan 1 Plan 2 Plan 3
5 Free leads a month 10 Free leads a month 15 Free leads a month
Up to 30 leads Up to 50 leads

Over 50 leads

What’s the maximum number of leads you would like to receive?

Rate: JD 10 per lead Rate: JD 10 per lead Rate: JD 10 per lead
Up to JD 300 / month Up to JD 500 / month Based on the no. of leads

Rates are valid until 28 February 2014. 

11. What if we wanted to upgrade the plan that we subscribe to?

You can choose to upgrade your plan anytime.  Just send us an e-mail to info@arabiaweddings.com or call on 079 555 7608 or 079 572 492.

12. What is the minimum subscription period?

The minimum subscription period for any of the 3 plans is 3 months.

13. Will I get any discount if I book for 6 months or 1 year?

Yes, if you book for a longer period in advance, you will receive 5% discount for a 6-month and 9-month subscription plans and 10% for an annual subscription.

14. How do I renew my subscription?

You can renew your subscription by e-mailing us at info@arabiaweddings.com. We will remind you to renew your subscription 10 days before it expires.

15. What if I don’t renew my subscription?

You will stop receiving leads on your web page.There might be other companies waiting to join the service. As mentioned in Qxx, we only offer a single lead to 4 companies at the most. When you don’t renew your subscription, we will open it up to other companies wishing to join.

16. What are the payment terms?

50% of the subscription fees of the plan that you have subscribed to are required at the beginning of the period, i.e. if you opted for Plan 1, you will pay 50% of 30 leads x JD 10 per led x 3 months = JD 450 upfront.

The remaining balance, depending on the number of actual leads you receive by the end of the period, will be due at the end of your subscription period.

17. Is there anything else that I should be aware of?

Yes. It is very important for the success of this service that you DO NOT share the details of the leads or give them to any other party outside your company. Your subscription will be immediately suspended if we find out that the leads have been leaked to third parties.

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