The 3 Most Common Questions On Wedding Cakes

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The 3 Most Common Questions On Wedding Cakes

When it comes to choosing their wedding cake design, some brides have unusual or confusing questions.

Every bride needs to take certain points into consideration when choosing her wedding cake, such as the size of the cake, the flavor, and, of course, the cost.

As brides are getting more into the details of their wedding, and as more and more brides are looking to have a unique wedding cake,  we have answers to 3 of the most common questions brides ask about choosing the perfect wedding cake.

  • Is it a must to have a wedding cake?

If you don't like the idea of having a traditional white wedding cake, you can easily have a great alternative! Check out these ideas:

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Can I have a chocolate cake at my wedding?

Of course! Traditionally wedding cakes are white from the inside out, but these days nothing is out of limits when it comes to your wedding cake! 

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  • Should I get one wedding cake or have a variety of smaller wedding cakes?

Your wedding cake will be the center of attention at your wedding, so having one beautiful wedding cake is always enough and elegant.

But, if you really want more than one cake for your wedding, make them smaller and have them placed on different stands with different heights on the table.


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