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4 Things Guests Should Never Do at Weddings

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4 Things Guests Should Never Do at Weddings

Wedding etiquette tips are very important for wedding guests. We previously shared some wedding etiquette tips for wedding guests, in this article "The Ultimate Wedding Guests Faux Pas"

We also shared some social media etiquette for wedding guests to follow now that everyone is on social media. Read: "Wedding Guests and Social Media"

We are now brining you 4 things you should never do at a wedding as wedding guest, so you do not upset the bride nor the groom, or their families.

Remember, the wedding is about the bride and groom; you should respect their special day and do your best to enjoy it without ruining their special moment.

Here are 4 things every wedding guest should avoid doing at a wedding:

Never Wear White: This rule is old but gold, so make sure not to annoy the bride by wearing white.

Never Dress Down: Make sure you dress for the occasion, weddings are formal events, so make sure you don’t wear jeans, for example, and wear something appropriate.

Don’t Propose to Your Partner: For men who are thinking of proposing to their girlfriends at someone’s else wedding, put yourself in their place - you wouldn’t like all the attention stolen from you, would you?

Never Bring An Uninvited Guest: If you’re not given an explicit invitation to bring a guest, then don’t bring a plus one with you.

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