5 Common Issues Every Bride Can Face

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5 Common Issues Every Bride Can Face

While planning your wedding you will probably get overwhelmed and stressed out; this is only normal. This is not only happening to you but every bride goes through these emotions. Most brides experience some issues or dilemmas while planning their wedding.

So don’t be too hard on yourself and follow our tips to make the wedding planning process easier. Also read our article: "How To Make Your Wedding Planning Process Easier".

Here are some common issues most brides face and how to deal with each one of them:

The Children: You probably want an all adult wedding but you know for a fact that some of your relatives are too excited to bring their kids along.  Don’t worry about it and read our articles on dealing with kids and teenagers at your wedding:

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Your Opinion vs. Your Fiancé’s Opinion: Perhaps your groom wants a fun and simple wedding and you want an elegant and classy wedding? Your mother likes the white and gold invitations while your mother-in-law wants the silver ones?  Learn to pick your battles, find common grounds, and let them feel involved.

Who Pays For What?: Your groom’s parents can’t afford to pay for a fancy wedding but you are your parent’s only daughter and they want a glamorous wedding. Discuss with your fiancé the budget his parents are willing to pay, then ask if his parents wouldn’t mind if yours contribute and pay for some extra details you would like to have at the wedding.

The Friends Who Turn Into Planners: Your friends will probably start offering their talents and help, you might be interested and love their work if one of them is a photographer, planner, musician, but what if you don’t? Easy! Be sensitive when you talk to them and explain that you really appreciate their offer but you want them to enjoy the wedding and have fun without having to worry about working.

The Angry Uninvited Ones: You can’t invite every single person you ever met, but not everyone will understand that.  So if you really care about their feelings throw a small party before the wedding and invite them, or just be understanding and stay a good friend and they will probably get over it with time.

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