5 Wedding Don’ts You Must Avoid

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5 Wedding Don’ts You Must Avoid

Here is a list of the 5 most important wedding don’ts you need to look out for:

Don’t Overdo It: As must as you want to do everything right and have every detail under control, don’t spend every waking hour planning your wedding. You will eventually get tired and feel overwhelmed. So relax, ask for help and enjoy the moment.

Don’t Be Bossy: Your female relatives and friends, and even your groom, want to enjoy your wedding and wedding planning as well. So ask them for favors nicely and thank them afterwards. Make them feel wanted and appreciated, and don’t ask for more than they can do.

Don’t Be a DIY Bridezilla: Many brides want to make everything from scratch at their wedding, but we advise you to pick only a few things you can do so you won’t get overwhelmed and ruin some of the other things you are planning on making.

Don’t Forget Your Groom: Yes you are busy planning your dream wedding, and he has no clue what it takes to pull it all off, but don’t neglect him. You are planning a wedding but you’re getting married as well, and marriage is a lifetime commitment while the wedding is just for that one night. Show him that you still have time for a movie or a dinner with no wedding planning drama.

Don’t Pick a Difficult Venue: If you want a destination wedding, or have spotted a location that’s a few hours away from town, make sure it is something that your guests are able to do, and can easily attend without paying a fortune or going through a lot of trouble.

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