12 Lipstick Inspirations in 2015 by Hollywood Stars

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12 Lipstick Inspirations in 2015 by Hollywood Stars

Choosing the right makeup for your wedding look is not always easy, that is why many brides decide to have a makeup trial before deciding on a final makeup look for their wedding.

Lipstick is known to be one of the most important makeup items, and no makeup look is complete without lipstick.

Every bride has to choose her lipstick very carefully as she will take a lot pictures that will stay with her forever, and the right lipstick color can make her smile prettier and brighter as well as add a touch of color to her bridal look.

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The red carpet and awards ceremony are always a great place to get some makeup and hair inspiration.

Here are some beautiful lipstick colors to give you some inspiration:

Emma Stone

Anna Kendrick

Cara Delevingne

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lopez

Jessica Chastain

Kylie Jenner

Scarlett Johansson


Anne Hathaway

Khloe Kardashian

Reese Witherspoon