4 Things to Know About Choosing the Right Hairstylist

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4 Things to Know About Choosing the Right Hairstylist

You need someone you can completely trust when it comes to your bridal hairstyle.

But how do you choose the right hairstylist? Here are a few tips:

  • Experience: Check your hairstylist’s experience and portfolio; look at the pictures of other brides he/she worked with on their wedding day.
  • Home and Venue Visit: Ask the hairstylist if he/she is willing to come to your home to work on your hair, and if they can make it to the wedding venue to fix and add some touches (if this is what you prefer). Also don’t forget to ask about extra costs.
  • Shampoo: Ask your stylist if you should or should not shampoo your hair on your wedding day or the night before. This largely depends on your hairstyle and hair type.
  • Other Brides: Ask the stylist if he/she has other brides booked on the same day, and ask to schedule your appointment for at least 3 hours so you don’t end up running late.