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5 Facts and Myths About Your Skin

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5 Facts and Myths About Your Skin

Have you ever wondered if what you're doing to take care of your skin is enough? Or is working for your skin at all?

Do you wonder about certain skin statements and whether they are facts, or just myths? Here are the 5 most common facts and myths you should know when it comes to looking after your skin:

Myth: Over the counter products work miracles, just like in the ads!
Wrong! Rarely do over the counter products work on problematic skin, as they are generic in their target. If you are looking for blemish free skin, visit a dermatologist.

Fact: Exercising is good for your skin!
That is definitely true! Exercising, along with avoiding stress, regular cleansing and applying sunblock are all important for great looking skin.

Myth: If you wear a lot of makeup, it might damage your skin!
Nope! Continuous use of makeup does not damage the natural oils and texture of your skin, if the makeup is of good quality. Just be sure to always clean your face and remove any leftover makeup before going to bed.

Fact: You are what you eat! Your skin is, too!
What you put in your mouth will show on your skin. Eat healthy and consume lots of fresh foods that are rich in vitamin A and antioxidants, and avoid fried foods as well as junk food.

Myth: Botox is the only way to go if you’re looking for younger-looking skin!
Botox is, in fact, not the only way to make your skin look younger. Chemical peels, hydra dermabrasion and non-abrasive skin tightening machines can all help make your skin look and feel younger.