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5 Make-up Tips Before the Big Day

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5 Make-up Tips Before the Big Day


1. Book a consultation session with your makeup artist before the wedding in a few weeks.


It’s always best that you leave the experts to do what they do best. You can always suggest certain looks that you prefer, of course, so that the stylist can know your taste and what you prefer. Also, be sure to bring pictures of your wedding dress and tell them what you’re thinking of doing with your hair so that they can assess the overall look. If you’re planning on experimenting with fake eyelashes, or a bold look, now is the time to do so: Before your wedding!


2. Make sure you have all the make-up you need for touching up during the big day. 

If your stylist is going to be with you throughout the wedding, then you don’t need to worry about touch-ups. But other than that, with all the dancing and perspiring, (As well as all the hugs and kisses) you will most likely need a proper touch up every couple of hours. A few items that we can suggest are a dependable concealer for under the eye and spot touch-ups, a light oil free pressed powder, lipstick, and lip liner or gloss.


3. Be sure to schedule your makeup appointment for after your hair appointment. 

Make sure you get all the hair styling out of the way before your makeup appointment. The last thing you need is for your makeup not to look so fresh after an hour or two at the hair salon.


4. Don’t use a moisturizer with sunscreen on your wedding day.

Yes, you read this correctly. This is probably the one time you’re going to hear this advice from any expert. Some sunscreens contain minerals and chemicals that give off a grey or chalky feel when you’re being photographed. Also, you don’t want your face looking paler than your neck. 


5. Give yourself a 15-minute break between your hair and makeup appointments.

Your makeup will probably be the final detail you need to take care of before stepping into your wedding dress and wearing your jewelry and headpiece/veil. So give yourself a small break to make sure you let it all in. If you need to make a phone call, or run to the bathroom, do it now so you don’t need to rush yourself later.