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Beauty Mistakes You Make Everyday

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Beauty Mistakes You Make Everyday

You might be doing facials and taking care of your skin regularly, but there are some daily habits that could affect your skin without noticing.

Smoking: Not only does smoking create wrinkles, but it also reduces blood flow to your skin and makes it look dull.

Hot showers: Hot showers can dry your skin and weaken your cells.

Dirty makeup brushes: If you don't clean your makeup kit and brushes regularly, you might get infections and acne. Wash them once a week with your shampoo to make sure your skin is always healthy.

Not getting enough sleep: Sleep deprivation can lead to stress, acne or even psoriasis. You need approximately 8 hours of sleep per day for your skin to regenerate itself.

Long hours on the phone: If you are a phone chatter, then you should know that resting your cheek against a phone can cause acne. Even if the phone is clean, the heat and friction will lead your skin to breakout.

So how about you start paying attention to these little habits? You’ll be surprised by how big of a difference that’ll make on your skin!