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Breast Augmentation for The Bride-to-Be

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Breast Augmentation for The Bride-to-Be


Many women are unhappy with the size or shape of their breasts. A soon to be bride can feel a little self conscious or ashamed of showing her breasts to her future partner. Cosmetic surgery offers several solutions and procedures to correct breast size or shape deformities.


For the soon to be wives I always recommend a joint decision with their future husbands regarding having surgery or not. Most men will be happy with the positive change while a few others might have a negative perspective on the issue; so good communication is necessary before making the decision with your cosmetic surgeon.


Breast augmentation is a plastic surgery procedure designed to enhance the body contour of a woman unhappy with her breast size. While breast augmentation will enlarge the breasts, it will not alter basic defects in breast shape or form. Major asymmetries may be improved, but will not be completely corrected. A slight difference in the size or shape of the two breasts is considered normal and should not be a cause for concern. If breast size or nipple position asymmetries are severe then additional procedures to further improve symmetry may be necessary. Long experience with this operation has demonstrated it to have highly satisfactory results for the majority of patients who are considered suitable candidates for the surgery. Breast implants should not affect breast feeding and most of the time does not affect sensation to the breast and the nipple.

A breast implant is placed through a small incision and then under the breast tissue or under the muscle. The incision can be made in locations such as: Under the breast, around the nipple, in the armpit.


It generally takes one to two hours to complete the entire procedure. A breast implant is composed of an outer silicone shell filled with silicone gel. The outer surface may be smooth or textured, and implants come in various shapes to meet the individual woman's needs.


Silicone implants were first popularized in the 1960's. Controversy in the early 1990's led to widespread fear about the possibility of silicone breast implants causing autoimmune diseases or breast cancer in women. Extensive studies since then have showed no evidence that silicone breast implants have any relationship to breast cancer, autoimmune disease or any other illnesses in patients. Specifically, patients with breast implants have no higher incidence of diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, scleroderma or lupus, in comparison with the general population.

The increased safety of the cohesive gel implants led to the FDA's approval of these implants for cosmetic use.

There is no perfect breast implant and both the saline and silicone gel implants have advantages and disadvantages. The silicone gel implants feel softer and more natural, have less chance of rippling, but are more expensive and have a higher chance of developing tightening of the scar tissue around the implant known as capsule contracture. 

The decision to having breast augmentation is an important decision and needs to be done when the woman has all the necessary information of advantages and disadvantages. Discuss your concerns with your cosmetic surgeon and ask your friends who might have had the surgery done and get their advice and experience.



Contributed by:  

Tarek V. Copty, M.D. FACS

Cosmetic Surgeon (ACS, AACS)

Copty Surgical Arts

Amman - Jordan


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