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The Bridal Beauty Countdown!

Getting married soon?Looking for a Beauty Center or a Makeup Artist?Let's help you find them.
The Bridal Beauty Countdown!

Don't leave your beauty and health routines and treatments until the last minute before your wedding day. You should start taking care of your teeth, skin, hair, nails, and your diet and exercise months before the wedding.


We are here to help you prioritize your health, fitness and beauty tasks in the form of a countdown starting 6 months ahead of your wedding.


6 months before the wedding:


Fix teeth imperfections: Consult your dentist on what changes you need to make, if any, for a perfect smile on your wedding day.


Start working out: Exercise will help you stay fit and relaxed while planning your wedding.


Consult a nutritionist: If you're looking to lose some weight before the big day, you'll need at least a few months to show some results.


Grow your hair or get a haircut: You need to consult with your stylist. If you want to grow your hair or try a new haircut, now is the right time to start.


Consult a dermatologist: It's time to consider a serious cleansing and moisturizing program.


Laser hair removal: If you want to start a laser hair removal treatment, you will need at least six months.


3-4 months before the wedding:


Get makeup consultation: You need to know exactly what you want and how you will look like on your wedding day. Finding a good makeup artist definitely takes time. So once you find the right one, book him or her.


Interview your hairdresser: It's time to start looking for a hair stylist. Make sure you meet with more than one hairdresser so you can decide later on which one you prefer. Make sure you book him/her once you’ve made your decision.


Deep cleansing facial: Treat yourself to a deep cleansing facial.


1-2 months before the wedding:


Thinking of botox? You need to do it at least a month before your wedding to prevent any bruising or accidents. Keep in mind that botox needs 2-14 days to start giving results.


Teeth whitening: Consult your dentist if you want to get your teeth whitened at least 4 weeks before the wedding.


2 weeks before the wedding:


Color your hair: Get a hair color at least 2 weeks before the wedding. You want it freshly colored but still have time to fix any mistakes.


Sun tan: If you are able to get a real sun tan, do it a couple of weeks before the wedding to allow the tan to settle in and look more natural.  


5-7 days before the wedding:


Eye brows: Shape your eye brows to avoid redness and irritation on your wedding day.

Wax: If laser treatments are not for you, then you need to wax a week before your wedding day depending on how fast and thick your hair grows.


Fake tan: If you're getting a spray tan, you need to get it at least 4 days before your wedding to make sure it doesn’t stain your dress. Make sure your fake tan doesn’t turn out orange or leave any streaks!


Start avoiding salty snacks: You want a flat not bloated tummy, right? So eat less of the salty snacks.


Get a final facial: Consult with your dermatologist on which treatment is best for your skin type.


Get a massage: You need to relieve some of the stress, so book a massage appointment and pamper yourself.


1 day before the wedding:


Get a manicure and pedicure: To avoid any chips and smudges on the big day.


Drink lots and lots of water: You need to stay hydrated throughout the night.


Pack your beauty kit: Don't leave the house without your beauty and emergency kit. Check out our wedding day emergency kit article!


Exfoliate your skin: Don't overdo it, so that you don’t end up with red and irritated skin.


Take a warm and relaxing bath: Shower and wash your hair the night before, particularly if you are lifting your hair up.


On the big day:


Moisturize your body and face.


Wear a buttoned shirt or a top with a big neckline: so you won't have to pull it over your head.


Eat something healthy: Don't leave yourself without food the whole day.


6 months will pass by in no time, so make sure to follow these steps and start scheduling your treatments as soon as you get that ring on your finger!