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Bridal Hair Trends for Your 2015 Wedding

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Bridal Hair Trends for Your 2015 Wedding

Brides have been looking for simple and natural looks to try for their wedding; most of them are no longer interested in the full makeup/ paint brush look, and they certainly don’t want complicated and difficult hair styles that are stiff and difficult to maintain.

So you will be impressed with some of the hair trends brides will be trying out this year.

Check these few bridal hair trends and stay tuned for more, and click here for more pictures of these beautiful bridal hair trends.

Slicked Back Hair: This hairstyle is not just easy to do, it is super elegant and hot at the same time! It’s a simple hairstyle that will make you look very sophisticated.


Crimping: Yes, you read it right! The once very hot hair trend in 1999 is now back! The most elegant way to try this trend is to crimp a few strands of your hair and pull your hair into a low ponytail.


Low Ponytails and Braid: If you want to look elegant, simple, and classic, a low ponytail or braid is what you should go for.