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Bridal Trend: Colored Mascara

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Bridal Trend: Colored Mascara

The 90's bright colored lashes are back!

Why do we love colored mascara so much? First of all it will make your eye color pop, and open up your eyes. Second of all summer is all about fun colors!


Don't worry about looking outdated, or tacky, with the right hue and technique you'll be the center of attention!


#1 Keep it simple by adding little or no eyeliner, a little tint of blush on the cheeks is more than enough. Try to keep your makeup as simple and as neutral as possible.


#2 Blue eyes look best with a navy blue shade of mascara. It gives more depth to the eyes.





#3 Hazel and brown eyes look best with green mascara, as it lightens the color of the eyes.





#4 Purple mascara looks great with almost every eye color, but it looks best on girls with green eyes.



If colored mascara is not for you but you still want this little fun touch, apply your usual black or brown mascara and then put the colored mascara just on the tips of the lashes!