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Celebrity Tips to Get Red Carpet Ready

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Celebrity Tips to Get Red Carpet Ready

Since its award season 2013, E! online got a few tips from your favorite celebrities to help you get red carpet ready for your wedding or next big event.
Here is what the stars had to share:

Chris Colfer: "Get a good night's sleep because there's nothing worse than being on a carpet being exhausted and having the lights and people screaming in your faces. You're on your feet for a long time. So sleep and eat."

Stephen Amell: "I've got to make sure that my zipper is done up. That's the closest that I can get to a wardrobe malfunction. I want to avoid it at all costs."

Monica Potter: "Deodorant. Brushing your teeth. General hygiene."

Julie Benz: "I have to be honest: I have to practice my pose in the mirror. I do because every dress is different. You have to make sure to give yourself a waistline and make your bottom smaller. I'm not a natural at this. I'm just an actor. I'm not a model. They don't teach you how to pose in acting school."

Julie Bowen: "I used to chew gum but my dentist told me it's bad for me so now I mouthwash."

Julianne Hough: "Shave my legs, depending on my dress. Definitely outfit. Definitely hair and makeup. Making sure your skin's good."