Eyebrows of the Bride

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Eyebrows of the Bride

Perfectly shaped eyebrows are a sure way to help enhance your eyes and makeup. You can either do your own eyebrows or leave it to the professionals, which is more preferable.

There are so many things that you can do to your eyebrows to make them look nicer, you can pluck, wax, shape, and even color!

What does a perfect eyebrow look like?

The perfect eyebrow shape starts above the inside corner of your eye and ends at the outside corner above your eyelashes.

They should also have a smooth ‘barely there’ arch. So if you don’t have that arch, ask an expert to help you show it.

*Fact: Plucking your eyebrows after a shower is less painful.

If you plan on waxing your eyebrows instead of plucking you need to know that even though it is faster and less painful, make sure you don't have sensitive skin.

After waxing your eyebrows, try to avoid direct sun light, acid based facial treatments and liquid makeup for a few hours.

*Fact: Eyebrow threading originated in India, and it gives better result than waxing or plucking.

Tinting and coloring eyebrows is what everyone is doing these days, long gone are the days of thin eyebrows.

If you plan on tinting or coloring your eyebrows, you can either have them dyed at the salon, where some salons use Henna to do it which is a good option and lasts longer, or just buy a suitable eyebrow pencil or shadow and do it on your own. Make sure not to darken your eyebrows too much, stay natural and remember that your eyebrows should not be darker than the darkest color in your hair.

If you have close set of eyes, they can be extended by shaping the brows closer to the inner corner of the eye giving the illusion that the eyes are further apart.

While wide set eyes can appear closer by extending the brows inwards.

If you have a low forehead you need to create a low arch to give the forehead added height.

And please, never ever shave your eyebrows!

*Fact: Teething gel can be used as a numbing aid.

If you do accidentally make your eyebrows a lot thinner, use an eyebrow pencil or shadow to create a thicker effect until they grow back.