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How to Always Look Your Best

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How to Always Look Your Best

Beauty and fashion disasters happen all the time, and we all have experienced at least one or two in our lifetime so far.

Whether you are a bride or not, no one wants to have their fly open, or suffer from panda eyes. Here is how you can be a beauty and fashion disaster pro.

#1 The Zipper: You're enjoying a nice dinner with your partner, or paying a visit to your in-laws, and your zipper suddenly pops.
What do you do? First try unzipping and zipping again, if it works, great! If not, keep a needle and thread with you at all times in your purse for emergencies like these, pull the 2 sides together and stitch.

#2 Rain: You got caught in the rain on your way to a party? Don’t worry about your wet hair; pull it up to create a high bun, secure it with bobby pins or an elastic. This will create a clean and fresh look, or even better, once you get to your destination, undo your hair and let down your wavy curls.

#3 Panda Eyes: You're out with your fiancé and go to the ladies room to check your makeup. You unfortunately notice that you have black smudgy makeup under your eyes.
Here is a great trick: Get a cotton swab if you carry any in your makeup bag, or the tip of a tissue will do. Dab some petroleum jelly on it, if not available, dab some of your clear lip balm (make sure it doesn't have any color) and swipe under your eyes without ruining the rest of your makeup.

#4 Flat/Oily Hair: You are running late and don't have time to wash your hair? Here are a few options you can try out:

  • Spray some dry shampoo
  • Dab some baby powder to your roots
  • Pull your hair in a tight ponytail or bun
  • Create a braid around your hairline
  • Wear a headband