How To Get The Perfect Makeup For Your Wedding Season

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How To Get The Perfect Makeup For Your Wedding Season

When it comes to bridal makeup, the colors, trends, and even products change with every season.

All the makeup experts know that you should use different products with different textures depending on the season and weather, and the same goes for the colors and shades.

Whether you are having a winter wedding or a summer wedding, we tell you here how to choose the best bridal makeup for your wedding season.

Let's start here:

Winter Brides: A winter makeup look means darker colors and hues. You can definitely pull off a smoky eye makeup if you are having a winter wedding, as for your lips, a dark red, deep pink, or any darker shade can add a pop of color to your all white wedding dress.


Fall Brides: Get your inspiration from the leafs and add some golden tones to your makeup look, use earthy makeup shades for your eye makeup, and add a metallic touch if you want a unique touch.


Spring Brides: When you think of spring, you think of pretty blooms and flowers, so add a touch of spring to your makeup look with rosy lips, flushed cheeks, and a light peachy eyeshadow.


Summer Brides: Summer means lots of sunlight, and sun kissed skin, so add a touch of bronzer to your skin for some glow, and keep your eyeshadow in a nuetral shade.