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How to Look Flawless in Your Wedding Pictures

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How to Look Flawless in Your Wedding Pictures

Every bride wants to look like a super model in her wedding pictures!

We have previously given you a few tips on how to look great in your photos. Read: "How to Look Great in All Your Wedding Pictures"

We now have a few additional tips that will help you look flawless without using photoshop:

Matte tinted moisturizer and powder foundation: The flash from the camera can really make your face look too shiny and glittery, so use matte based foundations to eliminate shine.

Make your eyes pop: We don’t recommend using mascara on your bottom lashes, instead use white eyeliner on your bottom lid to open them up.

Bronzer or blush: Apply bronzer or blush so your face will not look washed out and pale.

Fill your eyebrows: Filling your eyebrows will frame your face and make you look much better in pictures.