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How to Select and Apply Foundation

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How to Select and Apply Foundation

Foundation helps you hide the blemishes on your skin and even your skin tone.
However, some ladies really don't know how to choose the right foundation for their skin tone and type and might even end up wearing the wrong foundation which will accentuate the skin's flaws rather than hide them.

How to select the right foundation:

#1 Foundations are mainly used for coverage, so decide on how much coverage you need in order to select your foundation accordingly, as they start from sheer to heavy, and can either be matte or satin.

#2 Now that you've decided on the foundation type, it's time to pick a tone:

  • Make sure the lights in the shop don't affect the tone of the foundation.
  • Select a tone that is the most similar to your skin tone.
  • Trying foundation onto your hand or wrist is a myth; they are a different color from your face.
  • To make sure the color suits your skin; apply a stroke on your jaw line. The shade, which seems to disappear into your skin, is the best choice for you.

The right way to apply foundation:

#1 Apply moisturizer to your face and neck and allow your skin to absorb it for 5-10 minutes to ensure you have a perfect base.
#2 The perfect way to make sure the foundation spreads evenly is by using a sponge. Place a small amount of foundation on the back of one hand and again dip your makeup sponge in it.
#3 Apply foundation by dotting it on your chin, forehead, cheeks and nose and then blend each one with your sponge. Mix it out to your hair and jaw line.
#4 This step is optional, but to make your foundation last longer, dab light powder on your face after applying your foundation.