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How Your Mood Can Ruin Your Skin

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How Your Mood Can Ruin Your Skin

Everyone’s emotions show on their faces, but did you know your emotions can show all over your skin too?

Smile: Studies show that your positive mood can make your skin glow and look a lot healthier.

Don’t Get Angry: Anger can cause really bad wrinkles; it causes your face muscles to tense up and it could cause fine lines over time.

Don’t Stress: Stress stimulates a hormone called cortisol which makes the blood vessels in the organs more fragile, consequently causing aging and wrinkles. Not to mention that when you’re stressed, you tend to care less for your skin.

Embarrassment: When you get embarrassed your face tends to blush.  Blushing too much can be a sign of rosacea: a chronic swollen blood vessel condition.