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The Jesus Peiro Metropolis Bridal Collection

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The Jesus Peiro Metropolis Bridal Collection

Jesus Peiro's latest bridal collection is titled Metropolis, the name Metropolis places the inspiration for the collection in the Art Deco years (1920-1939), taking as a reference the capital of modern times, the amazing city of skyscrapers: New York.

Just like its wonderful buildings, the dresses that form this collection have been constructed from the inside out.

Veiled transparencies dress the body, while at the same time designing the architecture of an inner building. In spite of all of this precision, the structures are based on a graceful lightness. These are dresses that gently caress the bride. The silhouette is soft yet intricate with a light flow.

The volume is capricious and is linked to movement. Some of the lines rest on the corset. The waist is dressed as though within a light suit of armor. It follows the anatomy of the ribs and then joins the chest with the playful volume of the sleeves. The skirts hollow out like bells. They may open like fans or cling to the body with movement, just like a mermaid tail would.

The new necklines are straight and give importance to the shoulder straps by mixing trimmings and lace, oblique and crossed shapes, and curly flounces like crests and wings.

On the sleeves: geometry, trumpets and fantasy. The décor, inspired by the applied arts of the Art Deco and Art Nouveau, is carried out by way of working with a variety of fabrics. Lattice work, tulle and lace roses have been inspired by wrought iron gates, marquetry panels or wallpaper borders, and they leave their imprint on the body like delicate tattoos. Layers of Chantilly lace create an effect of deep transparency. Lace cutouts are used to create an ornamental trelliswork.

The whites are optical, cotton like, washed. Whites in plaster, chalk and ivory. The couture pieces reflect the sky and the shades of nacre and mother of pearl. They display touches of pink, and the shine of the golden brass and the jade and metal that appear to be falling like rain from the accessories, the chokers and necklaces, and dancing fringes and earrings that cling like laurel leaves. 

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