The Latest Hair Colors This Season

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The Latest Hair Colors This Season

Are you bored of your hair color and looking for a new look? Here are the latest hair color trends for this season. Pick your favorite and get that makeover you've been wanting!

Copper Auburn Hair: Copper auburn hair is very hot this season; it is dark and deep, perfect for the cold weather. We love Emma Stone’s red copper hair!

Coffee Brown: This is a very low-maintenance color, and goes beautifully with every skin tone, check out Kim Kardashian’s lovely brown hair.

Blue Black Hair: Now this color is for the bolder ladies out there. If you’re thinking of having your hair in a darker color or even black, then blue black is what you should go for; black hair with some dark blue undertones. This color will definitely make you the center of attention. Stars such as Demi Lovato and Katy Perry have been seen with blue black hair.

Honey Blonde Hair: This color is one of the light shades that actually goes well with most skin colors, fair skin or tanned. Don’t you just love Jennifer Aniston’s signature hair?

Caramel Hair: If you’re looking for a color that’s not too light, but also not too dark, this is the perfect color for you. Jessica Alba has beautiful caramel colored hair.