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Look Your Best on Your Honeymoon

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Look Your Best on Your Honeymoon

As a bride-to-be you have to look pretty and beautiful on your honeymoon, right? But you don't want to have too much makeup on 24/7, try to leave the makeup for fancy dinners and nights out.

Look beautiful and natural all day and night while on your honeymoon with these tips; your husband won't even know you made the effort.

#1 Drink lots of water: We can't stress that enough! While on the plane, you need to drink lots of water so that your skin won't dry out, and also to avoid bloating, swollen feet and puffy eyes.

#2 Sunscreen: You must wear sunscreen all day and every day, even if you are not swimming or tanning. Better yet, get a face cream that has SPF in it.

#3 Bronzer: Use bronzer even if you don't want to apply foundation or any makeup at all, a small amount on your cheekbones and nose, and you will instantly look fresh and healthy.

#4 Exfoliate: To keep your skin looking bright and smooth, you need to exfoliate regularly, so keep your favorite face scrub with you, or even better, we advise you to get a hand held exfoliating device, they are not expensive and very practical.

#5 Lashes: Pack a set of fake eyelashes with you, you don't need to wear them on the plane, but they will make your eyes pop even with the simplest makeup. Dab some black eyelash glue at the line of the fake eyelashes, let it dry for one minute, and put them on.

#6 Lip gloss: A must-have on any day, to keep your lips pretty in color and texture.