Makeup Looks By The Top Arab Makeup Artists

Makeup Looks By The Top Arab Makeup Artists

Picking your makeup look needs a lot of attention and it takes a lot of a bride to be's thoughts, a bride's makeup is biggest detail of her bridal look because everyone will be looking at her face.

Once you start looking at bridal makeup pictures and before you choose you're wedding makeup remember that you should choose a makeup look that suits your face and skin tone.

Don't feel pressure to follow any makeup trends that are going on around you especially when it comes to your bridal makeup.

And remember that every skin comes in different tones and each face has different features. Make sure you choose a makeup look that suits your face and will make you glow.

Choose the right colors when it comes to lipstick, eyeshadow, and foundation, your makeup artist can help you out and advise you on which is the best makeup product to use for your bridal makeup look.

As soon as a bride sets her wedding date she starts looking at bridal pictures, from wedding dress, bridal hiar, and of course she starts looking at bridal makeup images.

The top makeup artists now have accounts on social media and they share their latest work and bridal makeup looks.

And looking through their accounts can be very helpful, it will help you know which makeup look suits you best, what colors suit your skin tone, and what are the latest makeup trends.

For example if you have a darker skin tone then try to go for earthy colors and shades that go with your skin color, but if you have a lighter skin tone then a pink or peach colored makeup look will give you a natural glow. If you have a tanned skin color then peachy and bronze hues are a great match for you.

We advise you to take a look at some makeup looks by the top Arab makeup artists, such as Samer Khouzami, Hala Ajam, Bassam Fattouh, Fady Kataya, Dana Al Sairafi, Mounira Al Oweid.