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Makeup Mistakes Brides Should Avoid

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Makeup Mistakes Brides Should Avoid

You can never be too careful when it come to your bridal makeup, we have previously shared some makeup mistakes brides tend to make for you to avoid.

But here are some more bridal makeup mistakes you should stay away from:

Trying Something New: Do not experiment on your wedding day! Choose the tones and style you feel comfortable with and don’t overdo it. You should always look like yourself but a bit more defined and polished.

Following Trends: We’re not saying that your makeup shouldn’t look and feel trendy and stylish, we are just saying that you should make it look more timeless and classic rather than trying a new makeup trend which you will regret looking at your wedding pictures years later.

Not Having a Makeup Trial: That is a huge mistake! Schedule makeup trials at least 3 months before your wedding.

Using gloss or lipstick: Skip lip gloss and lipstick and use lip stain which will last longer. If you are wearing your hair down, it will be annoying trying to get your hair out of the way so it won’t stick to your lips because of the lip gloss.