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Makeup Tips for the Brunette Bride

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Makeup Tips for the Brunette Bride

If you’re an Arab bride with dark hair, eyes, and complexion, these tips will make you look more beautiful than ever.

Black Kohl: Arab women are known for their love of black eyeliner and kohl, not just because it suits them and brings more attention to their eyes, but kohl also makes the eyebrows look nicer.

Coral Colored Blush: A light pink blush will look great on blondes, but for brunettes a coral colored blush is also perfect.

Groom Your Eyebrows: When your eyebrows are dark, you need to keep them groomed all the time. Use a shadow to even out their color and spaces.

Purples and Greens: Those colors usually look great on darker skin tones, so try them out.