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Match Your Makeup with Your Hair Color

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Match Your Makeup with Your Hair Color

Have you ever wondered what makeup colors suit you best? Beauty experts say that it all depends on your skin tone and hair color.

So here are the best makeup shades and colors that go with your hair color:

Dark brown hair: Brunettes that have beautiful dark brown hair in shades of chocolate and espresso look better in vibrant colors: Plum, red, burgundy and metallics. Brunettes should also wear black or dark brown eyeliner.

Black hair: If you have black hair, smokey makeup in shades of charcoal and navy blue is perfect. Light pink lipstick always looks good with black hair as well.

Dark and light blonde: If you have blondish hair, you will look best in shades of peach, pink, gold and champagne.

Red hair: Red or ginger hair looks best with emerald green, brown and pink, as these colors will make your hair color pop.