Mistakes To Avoid While Removing Your Wedding Makeup

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Mistakes To Avoid While Removing Your Wedding Makeup

While brides worry about their wedding makeup and want to look perfect on their wedding day, removing your bridal makeup is a different story.

Many brides don’t even think about the process of removing their makeup once the wedding is over.

Your wedding makeup is heavier than your usual makeup and has more layers, so many brides fall in some mistakes that can have a negative effect on their skin.

Here are some mistakes you need to avoid when removing your wedding makeup:

Removing Your Eye Makeup First: Don’t remove your eye makeup first, start with your lips and face, and then work your way to your eyes.

Wipes vs. Makeup Remover: Many ladies use makeup remover in the form of wipes to remove their daily makeup, but for heavier makeup, consider using liquid makeup remover on cotton.

Rubbing Your Eyes While Removing Your Makeup: Many ladies remove their eye makeup by rubbing their eyes from the inside out and vice versa, but this will only make your eyelashes break and fall, so wipe your eyes in one direction more than once, and very gently, to keep your eyelashes intact.

  • Reminder: Remember to use a toner and cream after you remove your makeup.