Modern Henna Tattoos for the Bride

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Modern Henna Tattoos for the Bride

Bridal henna is one of the oldest wedding traditions in the Middle East. Most brides these days have a special and intimate Henna Night before the wedding, where Henna is applied to their hands and feet in different and funky shapes and designs.

Henna is a natural plant that grows in very hot climates. It has been used for centuries to dye skin, hair, fingernails, leather and wool.

It is mainly used these days as an art for temporary tattoos. Henna Nights have become a tradition even amongst young and more modern brides-to-be.

You can click here to view many beautiful Henna designs and patternsfor inspiration.

Henna needs 2-3 days to mature and become darker in color once applied on your hands and feet. But remember, henna tattoos are temporary; they will fade away in a couple of weeks.

Traditionally, in some countries, the groom’s initials are hidden in the patterns. The groom must search for the initials on the wedding night, if he can’t find his initials he is expected to give a gift to the bride!

As for hair, many women use Henna to dye their hair, you can either choose a redish henna or dark brown henna. Henna is great for the hair and will make your hair stronger. It coats the hair and fills in rough spots on a frayed cuticle. Henna also makes your hair shinier and smoother, as it will cure damaged hair cells.