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Up Up or Down Low?

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Up Up or Down Low?

It’s the forever unanswered question; do you wear your hair up or let it loose on the big day? What we think is that you need to experiment and know what suits you best. When it comes to hair on your wedding day, you need to make sure that you’re comfortable with the way you look, and that you’re sporting the look that best suits you! As a general rule, an updo works best with a round face, while a long face works best with styles with volume rather than those that are long and straight.

Many brides look great with their hair swept away from their face, or with a few loose strands left down for a bed-head do. Some also prefer a tight bun which can give your face a porcelain effect. Other options also include a style that’s half-up and half-down.

Follow this fast and simple guide to a glamorous ‘do’ according to your hair…

If you have curly hair, take advantage of it! Instead of ditching your curls, embrace them and play them up! If you’re having a summer wedding, look for styling products with humidity-fighting ingredients to help keep frizz at ease.

If your hair’s straight, either opt for big loose curls (since smaller ones may fall by the end of the wedding), or go for a royal classy style like a low bun to one side or a bowlike twist to show off your hair's smooth texture.

If you have fine hair, our suggestion is to do something simple with it. You can easily wear your hair up without worrying about it going limp or flat. You can also accessorize with braids, extra buns as extensions, or head pieces. But if you have thick hair, try out a half-updo. If you do want to wear it down, plan for extra time at the salon to first straighten your thick hair and then curl for extra control.

As for oily hair, you should consider wearing your hair in an up-do. It will only get greasier as the night progresses. That way, you won’t be touching it or playing with it, and you can dance the night away without worrying about it looking greasy.