The Perfect Lips

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The Perfect Lips

The lips of a woman are considered one of the most attractive and sensual features of her face. Most women apply lipstick and lip gloss to make their lips look bigger and more attractive.

Filling the lips is a simple procedure that takes less than five minutes with minimal pain if done with a local anesthetic. A soon-to-be-bride can decide to have her lips plumped a little bit or just contoured for her wedding night and her honeymoon.

Fillers in the lips are safe as long as the doctor is using pure Hyaluronic acid. This filler remains in the lips for 4 to 6 months. Any filler that is supposed to remain longer than six months is considered not standard of care.

In the lips, the filler is used to enhance the natural lip outline and definition that is lost with aging. It is also used to plump the lips to actually make them bigger and to show more of the red lip. Careful attention to detail allows very natural enhancement.

Patients that have been overdone are quite obvious. Many factors go into making an aesthetic lip. Just making lips bigger is not the answer and can look very fake. For most patients, a single syringe of filler is adequate to plump both lips.



The above image shows the two most common areas of the lips to be enhanced. The left picture shows a technique to outline the lips.

This is done to provide definition for those patients that do not need or want larger lips. The picture on the right shows the deep fill method and is used for patients that want more "air in the tire" of fuller lips.

Dr. Copty may use either of these techniques or frequently combine them depending on the amount of aging and desired augmentation.



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Contributed by:  

Tarek V. Copty, M.D. FACS

Cosmetic Surgeon (ACS, AACS)

Copty Surgical Arts

Amman - Jordan