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Stressed Out About Spots On Your Big Day? Here’s a Little Help from Neutrogena

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Stressed Out About Spots On Your Big Day? Here’s a Little Help from Neutrogena

Every bride-to-be gets stressed at some point during her wedding planning journey. Unfortunately, this constant stress and over-thinking starts to show on your skin in the form of acne and spots; and this is the last thing a bride needs before her big day!

Stress is actually believed to be the third leading cause of spots.

But you don’t have to worry anymore, as the Visibly Clear® Spot Stress Control from Neutrogena can help you out!

It’s a daily scrub specially formulated to help treat and prevent spots before they appear, which makes it the perfect go-to beauty product for brides around the world.

  • Why does stress cause spots and acne?

If you happen to look in the mirror and say "how come I get spots", here is the reason:

Our skin sheds skin cells, and the oil glands secret excess sebum, which deposit on the surface of the skin clogging our pores and hair follicles, and harboring bacteria.The result is pesky blackheads and acne.

Neutrogena is known to provide medicated products, developed with dermatologists, which are solutions to specific skin problems such as acne, blackheads, large pores, or spots.  In fact its latest cleanser, the Visibly Clear® Spot Stress Control can reduce your spots up to 88% when used frequently.

  • How it works:

The microbeads in the Visibly Clear® Spot Stress Control Daily Scrub gently exfoliate the skin, whilst its Microclear® technology breaks through oil and dirt to unclog pores, allowing the formula to penetrate deep down and help clear spots.

  • How to use:

In the morning and evening, squeeze a small dab into your palm and massage onto your wet face. Rinse thoroughly.

  • Ingredients:

This formula is rich with green tea and cucumber, which soothes skin and is gentle enough for everyday use without over drying.

  • TIP:

It’s your wedding day!! Do not stress about every little detail, let Visibly Clear® Spot Stress Control take care of your beautiful skin and enjoy your day with family and friends!