Take Care of Your Skin this Winter

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Take Care of Your Skin this Winter

With winter comes a lot of beauty concerns and issues, but why not prevent these issues before they take place?
Here are our tips for you to get your skin ready for winter:

#1 Start from the inside: for good skin all year, start a healthy diet plan, fill your diet with vegetables, fish and healthy fats. You can even take a daily Omega 3 supplement which is great for your hair and skin.

#2 Exfoliate: It is very important to get rid of dead skin cells, but don’t be too harsh when exfoliating, use a mild product and use it once a week.

#3 Moisturize: Keep your skin, face, and lips moisturized, look for products that have anti-inflammatory properties as well as antioxidants.

#4 Stay Hydrated: Skin dehydration often happens due to low temperature and cold winds in winter, so make sure to drink enough water and eat foods high in water as well.

#5 SPF: Yes even in winter you will need to use sunscreen on your face and neck, so pick a face cream that offers at least SPF 15.