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Talal Tabbara Reveals Latest Hair Trend in 2016

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Talal Tabbara Reveals Latest Hair Trend in 2016

Famous Lebanese hairstylist Talal Tabbara is known among celebrities and the Arab World for his amazing talents.

Talal Tabbara is known for his creativity and innovative hairstyles, as he is always creating unique looks for his clients to make sure they stand out from the crowd.

His hairstyles are considered more as a piece of art, as he never fails to surprise us with never seen hairstyles.

If you're getting married in 2016, then you will definitely love the new hairstyle Talal Tabbara has for you.

Talal Tabbara's top hair trend for 2016 is called Crimped Hair!

Crimpies or Crimping is a technique used to style the hair with curls, as well as, straight strands and combine them together to create a unique look. Take a look at these pictures.