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Winter Makeup Musts

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Winter Makeup Musts

Check out the five makeup tips that made our list this winter! For all you winter brides out there, be sure to factor these in before the big day…


Tan-less? Most likely your tan has faded during Autumn, and now with your winter wedding coming up, you find yourself over compensating with lots of bronzer and shimmer… don’t! You will certainly regret that in your pictures. Look for a bronzer that is only a shade or two darker than your skin tone, and apply it evenly all over your face and neck.


Blush galore! Blush is one of the most important winter makeup items out there! This season, it’s all about the natural pink blush. You will look super sweet in luscious pink cheeks, and you’ll thank yourself later when you look at your pictures!


Matte makeup: Winter is the season where everyone wants to get out the shine and glitter, but you have to be careful about how you use them on your big day. As beautiful as glitter and shimmer makeup is, they can photograph badly, and make you look greasy. So opt for a matte neutral look for your bridal makeup, unless you’re absolutely positive you can pull off all the glitter and shine.


Winter colors: You might be leaning towards the deeper darker colors that pop out during winter, but the trend this season is browns, light browns, and neutral pinks as classic, timeless colors. Avoid bright, flashy, strong colors and think soft neutrals instead.

Most importantly? Winter sun! Always keep in mind that winter sun, especially in Jordan and the Middle East, is still quite strong! Not as harmful as summer sun, but it can still cause damage to your skin. So make sure you always wear sunblock before leaving the house every morning to avoid red, peeling or sunburnt skin on the day of your wedding.